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The Ordinary Skincare Review

Hey babes, welcome back! Wow life has been crazy lately, but I’m back with another skin care review! The ordinary skincare is vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, and free of sulphate and mineral oils. So now that we can check that off our list let’s dive into each product. Also let’s just take a moment to appreciate how simple and sleek looking their product packaging is😍 so in love!

In order of how I use them:

Starting with the Squaline Cleanser:

This cleanser must be used with dry hands and a dry face, you rub it into your hands and create a thick oil consistency then use on your face. It removes make-up so well which is a major bonus. And it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. Since all the products I bought don’t have fragrance, you never feel this overpowering or overwhelming factor. It’s simple and does the job. I feel like it’s being clean and taking care of your skin in the most natural way possible honestly. Lastly, I only use the cleanser/wash my face at night, as I don’t want to over-cleanse!

This Squaline Cleanser rates a 2 on EWG's Website (1 being the best, 10 being the worst)

Next the glycolic acid toning solution:

This toner removes the rest of your makeup and leaves your face a little tingly which is normal according to directions, you’re also not supposed to splash water on your face after. You’re directed to just move onto your next step in your routine. I like this toner because it removes the last bit of makeup, I feel that my skin also has gone down in redness as well. I’m not sure if it’s solely because of the toner or the whole routine but something is working. Lastly, I will typically use this at night and sometimes in the morning.

This Toner rates a 4 on EWG's website (1 being the best, 10 being the worst)

The hyaluronic acid:

The best serum if there ever was one! I use this after the toner, and it leaves my face tight but also moisturized. This serum has no scent since it’s made without fragrance, it does not feel oily it feels slimy almost, but I like that. I use this one morning and night, I also don’t think you’re going to see major improvements (right away) with this one since it’s for anti-aging. However, I do recommend getting on serums to start the anti-aging process and this is the most affordable/cleanest one I’ve found so far. Don’t forget to rub down your neck too, you only need half a dropper for this one!

This rates a 2 on EWG's website (1 being the best, 10 being the worst)

The buffet serum:

Similar to the hyaluronic acid serum, I put buffet on right after I put on the hyaluronic acid. The consistency is a bit thicker but is also slimy like the hyaluronic acid serum, buffet dries quick which is nice when I’m in a rush and leaves me feeling moisturized. Again this is anti-aging so I haven’t seen crazy results it’s just more about staying consistent with putting it on. I use this one morning and night as well and rub it down my neck and if there are any left over then on my hands. You only need half a dropper for this!

This rates a 3 on EWG's website (1 being the best, 10 being the worst)

The Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA:

This is a moisturizer, I use this day and night but you only need a pea size amount! I love this moisturizer because it’s super thick and a little goes a long way😍 it feels very hydrating and not greasy to my skin at all, which I love.

It also has 11 amino acids which is super cool and I just love it for the price, ingredients, and it works perfect!

This rates a 3 on EWG's website (1 being the best, 10 being the worst)

I hope you babes enjoyed this review, let me know if you have tried these products and which one's you like.

Overall, I feel like The Ordinary truly has the perfect brand name because your products should be ordinary, they shouldn't be crazy and infused with a bunch of crap. I would take ordinary products any day over products that are pumped with fragrance, parabens and more that claim to be extraordinary.

Additionally, EWG is the Environmental Working Group, a group of American activists who specialize in research and advocating for cleaner products/items. As many of you know I have talked about their app before where you can scan products or type in ingredients and they will rate them for you on a scale of 1-10 like I have shown here. I really enjoy using this so I can be an informed consumer, I can't always be perfect but I'm trying my best and The Ordinary products are rated pretty good compared to others.

I encourage you to download the app and start scanning your products today! 💖


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