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My 5 Favorite Summer Trends

Hey Babes, welcome back! Today I wanted to talk about some of my favorite summer looks and why. So let’s hop right in

The first piece I’m currently obsessing over is midi silk skirts, I recently have been sporting the cheetah one from Boohoo and this gorgeous pink silk one from Target. I think these skirts are so sexy since they are very figure flattering, not to mention they pair nicely with quite a few different things. Here you can see I paired the cheetah skirt with heels and boots and I paired the pink one with heeled sandals.

I love sporting these skirts with tight tops to offset the looseness of the skirt, like shown here! These skirts are great for a night out, brunch, dinner, a fun event, and even work with a button up collared shirt tucked in on one side!

Here is the link to shop my 21 Buttons, everything that I could find is on there! This is an affiliate link and it means a lot to me when you shop from it, also if you don't have the app here is a link to use my download to get it! xox

Another summer fav of mine are Cowboy boots! Did you see this one coming lol. I mean if you haven’t heard the rumors are true, I went country. I cant just get enough of cowboy boots! They are fun, girly, playful and multifunctional. I am so happy I took a leap of faith and bought these boots because they have been a real game changer. They pair perfectly with skirts and dresses as seen here! I never was a root toot bootin country kind o gal but here I am! These statement boots are seriously so fun and very affordable on Boohoo which is where I purchased them.

The silk scarf as a headband/top! I used to wear these silk scarves to music festivals back in the day and I loved wearing them! Fun, trendy and can be worn many different ways, sign me up! These scarves just add a bit of extra to any outfit if you know what I mean! This one was only $8 on Amazon prime and I had it on my door step in less than two days. This scarf is really nice quality and can be worn as a top or a headscarf, I think they are a fun little piece to add to your wardrobe this summer!

Mules. No not the donkey the shoe.! I love my snakeskin mules from Boohoo and two others I got from Plato’s Closet! These shoes are great for work, going out, dinner, brunch you name it. Can you see a reoccurring pattern? I like to buy items that are functional for most occasions so I can get my money’s worth! I love the shorter heeled mules for work and running errands and the taller snakeskin ones for dinners, going out etc. Here are some examples!

Lastly, I’m loving wearing my hair in a low slicked back bun! I sported this look last summer, and it has model off duty vibes written all over it. I talked about this on my IG stories the other day because while at work, running errands or simply because you’re too hot and you just can’t, this hairstyle is a huge go-to. If you live in California you know the big heat wave hasn’t even hit yet because September is when the heat really cranks up and if you haven’t worn this hairstyle yet, you will then! I know this isn’t an article of clothing, but it’s still a look that I am going full send over! So pickup your scrunchie and get your bun on babe!

Let me know if you have tried or are going to try these looks and report back!




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