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How I'm Reusing My Clothes This Summer

Hey Babes, long time no chat! If you have been staying up to date with me, you know I have been busy finishing school and my internship. Well now that both have wrapped up, I finally had some time to relax, shoot content, work part time and reset my batteries. I came across an old blog post of mine and it inspired me to create this one! It’s been a minute since I’ve written a post or talked about fashion so let’s get into it.

The last few looks on my feed have been a compilation of last year or even years before pieces that I have bought. Yes, you’re supposed to purge your closet every 6 months or so, and believe me I do however, there are some things I hold onto. I hold onto timeless pieces which could mean different things for different people but here are a few examples of items I consider holding onto a bit longer:

1. A good pair of jeans that fit and the quality is still nice

2. Anything black usually it comes back around

3. Those Doc Marten’s trust me you might not want to wear them again but you will want to show your kids, or just have them for memories (not to mention they are probably vintage #score)

4. Fur jackets, sweaters and blazers I have kept most of mine and still rewear them every time it goes cold

5. The classic black or white bodysuit/t-shirt/tank

You get the picture, so what am I rewearing this summer that has stuck with me a bit longer than usual?

Let’s start with the cutoff jean shorts, I bought these as boyfriend jeans at Brandy Melville last summer. I cut them at the bottom to make them shorter, then eventually cut them into shorts. For me it’s hard to find shorts I actually like and find tasteful, so I figured it would be easier for me to control the length rather than hoping the pair I bought online fit. Cutting these jeans into shorts saved me two things: time and money and let’s be honest who doesn’t love that.

Moving right along, in my posts starting from Tuesday up until today I’m wearing my Chaser brand biker shorts with a cropped black top. I purchased this top years ago from Forever21 in the $10 section. This cropped t is not only in great condition but it has lasted me through every season. Yet again another time and money saver!

Lastly, the black one piece swimsuit from Zara. I can’t describe how happy I am that I kept this number, not only is it comfy and soft but I have worn it 3 summers in a row. Yes you heard that correctly, and yet the condition is perfect. Not to mention this was not that expensive when I bought it either, it must have been $30-$40, which is already a steal.

Ok you guys get the picture but rewearing, recycling, reusing or whatever you prefer to call it saves you time and money. Next time you get the chance go through your closet and see what you can find that still rock! And if/when you do decide to get rid of items in your closet consider donating the pieces or selling them to second hand shops I personally love going to Plato’s closet. Plus it’s better for the environment to rewear and recycle clothing, the sources below state that it saves landfill space when you recycle clothes, reduces greenhouses gases, and it conserves energy.




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