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Topshop Jeans and What to Ask Yourself Before Buying

Hey Babes,

So today I am going to be talking about one of the brands I absolutely love to splurge on, not only is their quality worth the price point but I firmly believe their jeans will never go out of style. Topshop carries my favorite jeans with superb quality, you know if I splurge on a product I do so knowing it will last me a while so I get my money’s worth. Well, the only and I mean only jeans I splurge on are Topshop’s for those very reasons. Ladies, I know I’ve talked about it on my Instagram but there are 3 crucial questions to ask yourself before splurging:

  1. Do I already have something like it?

  2. How good is the quality?

  3. Will the quality last and will I be able to wear it in 6 months?

Topshop covers all three every time, without question! If you know me you know that I have consistently been purchasing jeans from Topshop for years now with zero regrets, and for that reason I was so quick to work with them because this is a brand I believe in! I believe that Topshop provides amazing jeans because all my pairs have lasted for years and then some! So with that said the next time you’re in the market for high quality, fashionable and let’s not forget oh so comfortable and stretchy jeans Topshop has your back.

Lastly, let's talk about these booties because they need a moment of silence...I'm currently having a love affair with these boots, do I even need to elaborate? These boots truly are nothing like what I own and they are the perfect nude suede bootie for day looks, brunch, running errands and much more! These booties are high and I mean high quality as well as super comfy, with a low chunky heel, I'm comfy all day long so yes that is most definitely worth the splurge!

In conclusion, my personal favorite are the Jamie high waisted jeans which I’m wearing here, what type of jeans are you on the lookout for? I’m confident Topshop can meet all of your jean needs! While this post is in collab with Topshop and Stylinity you babes know that I wouldn't get behind a brand I didn't absolutely love!




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