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Deals of the Week #2

Hey babes, and welcome back to my blog! I’m so happy that you’re turning in to another installment of my weekly deals! This past week I scored at Forever21 sometimes it’s a hit and sometimes it’s a miss as I’m sure you have come to find out if you’re a frequent flyer at Forever21. Well as I’m sure you have seen from my Instagram I purchased four fabulous pieces that I’m completely obsessed with. I basically purchased an entire outfit with accessories for only $126 dollars however, I had a $50 dollar gift card from Christmas or else I would not have spent that much. So let’s get into details…

  1. The emerald green blazer, I immediately saw this and had to have it. Initially I thought it was a dress but if I lift my arms up it’s a bit too short so I probably be wearing it as a blazer. But I asked myself the questions that I live by, do I already have something like this? The answer was no. Was the quality good for the price? The quality is actually really nice and for $44 dollars I was sold! This blazer will add color and sophistication to any outfit and ever since I bought it I cannot stop wearing it. Also I can’t get enough of the tortoise buttons, whose with me?

  1. The pink fuzzy crossbody purse…a short story behind this bag is that I actually was at Forever21 and saw it previously but did not think I would ever wear it. Then I did a shoot with Carly Guisness and she had a bag very similar and was pairing it with the cutest outfits, it inspired me to go back and claim it immediately! Luckily, I found the bag and without hesitation purchased and I haven’t looked back since. But this bag was only $22 dollars, so affordable and so fabulous. This bag takes any outfit to an entirely new level of boss babe, in my opinion. Would you rock a bag like this?

  1. Two words. Leather Pants. I’ve always loved leather pants, and if you have known me at all you would remember a time in my life where I had a black and burgundy pair from H&M that I literally lived in. Well when this leather pant trend came back, I was 100% on board for it but was looking for just the right pair. I am thrilled to announce that I found em, and we are so in love. But seriously if you still haven’t copped a pair of leather pants, Forever21 has your back with several racks filled to the brim waiting to meet their match. How much were they you might ask? only $19 dollars, and that my friends is what I call guilt free shopping. What are you waiting for, go get your leather pants now and thank me later! ;)

  1. Mustard, velvet, platform heels are 4 words I never thought I would say but here we are…ok but in all seriousness are you drooling because I am. Let’s not get carried away I told myself, how often will I actually wear this? The answer would come to me soon enough as I slowly realized how fabulous these are and how I couldn’t live without them. These shoes are awesome because 1. height 2. badass 3. pop of color 4. affordable 5. ok do I really need to keep going? These shoes were a whopping $29 dollars just for some context. How could I pass up shoes that fabulous and that affordable? The answer was that I couldn’t and there you have it folks, the shortest love story ever told.

In conclusion, I walked away spending under $130 dollars + I used a $50 dollar gift card so I really did not go overboard with the spending! Tell me in the comments which of these products you would buy?

Happy shopping babes!



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