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My Newest Obsession, Smart Pressed Juice!

I am so happy to introduce Smart Pressed Juice on my blog, this product is actually a game changer! So here’s the deal, basically it’s juice in powder form and it is not only cheaper than buying it out but it is easier since you don’t need a blender! I love this because there are days where I might not get enough greens in my diet or am going non-stop and haven't had time to eat enough fruit, this product helps with that! Buy a Nekter can be expensive and add up super quick, but this allows you to drink juice from anywhere. All you need is ice and apple juice or water, no more spending a ton of money on one juice or getting all the ingredients to make one juice either! I love how easily accessible this product is, another awesome factor is that you can purchase 10 packets for only $25 if you really want to make it easier instead of spooning it out from the jar. The jar is $34 and has 30 servings not to mention it is only 6 grams of carbs which is great too because I feel like smoothies can be high in carbs so that eliminates another worry there. Smart Pressed Juice is vegan, soy free, gluten free, does not contain GMO’s, it’s completely organic, it’s low in calories (only 25) , no artificial flavors, and lastly it has enzymes and probiotics. So really you’re loading up on all your nutrients when you’re eating this juice and it’s perfect if you’re on the go all the time! Smart pressed juice gave me a generous discount code for all my followers:


Here is there website and you can purchase all different flavors and sizes, I have only tried the Greens one but I love it with apple juice.

Enjoy babes,



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