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Deals of The Week

Before I get started, I want to introduce new installment on my blog for “Deals of the Week” if we like it then it will stay, but I think this is a fun way to incorporate my affordable aesthetic so you can stay up to date on all my affordable finds.

Forever21 and Target came through this week, first Forever21 had half off on sweaters, so that’s a plus considering winter has barely started yet and sweaters are still needed. I found this fuzzy cotton one for $22 which is already extremely affordable and yes that was half off, and of course my first thought was there’s now way? But it was true and I walked out of there with an $11 dollar sweater, not to mention I’e been wearing it everyday since I bought it so yes the $11 was worth it! This sweater is perfect for cozy days and nights, I’ve been wearing it around the house just to keep me warm and I love how you can dress it so casually! I also purchased this adorable brown leather military looking skirt from Forever21 this piece was only $19, not on sale but still a steal! I got the sweater in a large since it was the only sweater of that style I could find, and the skirt is a small! Considering it is not even 60 degrees during more days here a skirt is still wearable as long as you layer up top if you’re like me and get cold easily then you should be fine!

Target’s Wild Fable line is a huge success and there is no denying that, they also have the price points to prove that they are an affordable and stylish brand. I picked up two items from Wild Fable and a pair of loafers from Up and Up brand at Target, which if you request Target you should know what I’m talking about. Wild Fable had this adorable cropped fuzzy sweater for only $22, and while I typically don’t like cropped sweaters I bought it because I have nothing like it and to switch it up. Wild Fable also had these amazing high wasted dark grey mom jeans for only $22 yes I repeat $22. And like I mentioned earlier, these are by far the comfiest jeans of my life, the quality is genuine and they aren’t too tight or too big, basically they are perfect. I purchased the sweater at a size small and the jeans are a size 0! Lastly, I bought these charming plaid loafers with a gold buckle detailing for only $22. It feels so good to wear outfits that don’t break the bank but still have amazing quality! Overall my total leaving target was only $72 for the sweater, the jeans and the shoes, that’s one whole outfit including shoes for only $72! That’s extremely affordable and I’m so excited to share these finds with you babes! I hope you find a great deal this week whether it was on sale or not and let me know what you find, happy shopping!



Buy jeans here

Buy shoes here

Buy sweater here

Buy Forever21 skirt here

I could not find the original sweater from forever21 since I bought it in store, but here is an alternative


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