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A Must Have Vegan Soap

I’m so excited to be talking about Soapiary because not only are their soaps cruelty free, but they are 100% vegan. I have been slowly transitioning my skincare and beauty products to vegan and cruelty free, so this soap is the perfect fit. On top of being vegan and cruelty free this soap contains major vitamins and excludes the major harsh chemicals we want to avoid. Soapiary’s soap contains Shea butter (need I say more?), vitamins A, C & E. If you aren’t familiar with what vitamin E oil can do for your skin, you can read more about it here. Even more importantly Soapiary excludes the bad ingredients that cause harm like parabens, phthalates and sulfates from their soaps. These chemicals have been known to cause health problems and you may read more about it here, which is why it’s crucial to stay away from them! Soapiary’s soaps are also gluten free, so if you struggle with a gluten intolerance or simply try to avoid gluten this is another win!

I love all the different colors the soaps come in, and how amazing they smell, I definitely recommend trying their three pack of soaps. On their Amazon their three pack of soaps is typically priced at $15 which means $5 per soap which is super affordable! However, they are currently having a sale if you buy one package of three you get another half off, on their Amazon right now through Monday! So check it out and let me know if you have questions or have tried this soap before!



You may purchase them here using my Amazon affiliate link


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