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Recreate My Black Blazer Looks

As promised, I wanted to provide you guys with links to the products I wore in my five styled blazer looks. Unfortunately, since some of the products are older I had to find a good amount of alternatives but basically the exact same! Wearing a blazer is the perfect business casual meets chic look, which can be worn in so many different ways. I wanted to show you all the versatility that a black blazer offers and give you references to recreate it yourself affordably!

Thanks so much for reading babes, if you have questions email me or feel free to comment below!



Blazer #1

Blazer #2

Outfit #1:

Black Long sleeve turtleneck (my Amazon affiliate link)



Outfit #2

Black Bodysuit tank (my Amazon affiliate link)

Plaid Trousers (my Amazon affiliate link)

Target Loafers

Outfit #3

Basic Black Tee

Boyfriend Jeans

Black Heels (my Amazon affiliate link)

Cheetah Belt

Outfit #4

Basic Black Tee

Zara Snakeskin Skirt

Black Booties (my Amazon affiliate link)

Outfit #5

Basic White Tee

Boyfriend Jeans same as above

Target Loafers

Tan Hat (my Amazon affiliate link)


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