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Why I Recommend Osmosis Skincare

I love the Osmosis Purify cleanser and Protect moisturizer, it has immensely helped my skin with rosacea! This cleanser leaves my face feeling super soft and does not make me feel stripped of all my natural oils. I wash my face twice a day with the cleanser morning and night, and use the moisturizer just in the morning! If you watched me get unready in my video I use Aloe Vera to moisturize at night and in the morning I use the osmosis moisturizer pictured here! I saw a facialist at a salon Shampoo Cocktails who turned me onto Osmosis and I’m so happy I tried it. While their skincare is a bit more expensive than drugstore brands, I am willing to spend that extra cost because it works! Both the cleanser and the moisturizer are vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. The cleanser is $37, and the moisturizer is $30, the moisturizer also contains advanced peptides to aid in skin rejuvenation according to Osmosis profile on Amazon. As far as the cleanser goes Osmosis tells us that “Purify contains bromelain, an enzymatic active ingredient derived from pineapple. This special ingredient serves as a natural exfoliate to gently lift impurities from the skin and smooth frayed, damaged edges without stripping the skin's protective lipid barrier. Infused with essential oils of orange and pink grapefruit, this facial cleanser leaves your skin feeling revived and refreshed and is effective and recommended for all skin types”. I am so excited to finally share my love for these products since they have kept my skin under control. However, one last thing I will mention is that my skin is not perfect and I still have acne but it is considerably better and I think Osmosis took a big part in that. If you are considering purchasing Osmosis their website allows you to search by category aka your personal problem areas you want to fix. This is extremely helpful and I would recommend finding what would work best for your skin since everyone has a different type and my products might not work for you. I have normal to oily skin and Osmosis helps keep it under control, and let me know if you try Osmosis or if you have any questions!



You may purchase the cleanser through my affiliate link with amazon here!

You may purchase the moisturizer through my affiliate link with amazon here!


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