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My Savory Vegan Pesto Pasta

As amazing as marinara pasta is sometimes I like to switch it up with a pesto dish! This pesto pasta includes basil, kale, tomatoes, onions garlic and much more. Not to mention it takes under 20 minutes to whip up the entire recipe, which if you are like me and usually in a hurry 20 minutes is not bad. I have made my own pesto sauce but for convenience I like to use the pre-made one from Trader Joe’s which is amazing if you haven't tried it yet! This pesto puts a twist on traditional pesto dishes, I hope you enjoy!




•1 1/2 cups pasta noodles (I’m using brown rice pasta)

•2/3 cup organic cherry tomatoes

•3 tablespoons of the vegan kale, cashews & basil pesto sauce from TJ’s

•1 tablespoon or a good drizzle of organic extra virgin olive oil

•5 garlic cloves minced

•1/2 cup organic sweet yellow onion

•1/2 cup organic bell pepper

•pinch of salt and pepper

•1/3 cup basil or a handful


•heat pasta according to directions

•half the cherry tomatoes add to medium sized skillet

•slice and dice the bell pepper add to skillet

•slice and dice the onion add to skillet

•mince garlic add to skillet

•add olive oil, salt and pepper and cook on medium low heat for about 10 Mins

•turn skillet to low heat, add noodles, sauce and basil to top, then serve!


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