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How to Spice Up your Wardrobe!

The pressure of back to school shopping is real, at least it is for me and most of us who like to look our best even in the classroom! I often get discouraged that I can’t afford to drop hundreds of dollars on fall clothes for the new semester, but then I realize, I like most of you, have tons of clothes I write off because they aren't “new”. However, I find that I have a lot of timeless pieces that have lasted me throughout the years and all I have to do is spice them up in small ways. Spicing up my pre-existing pieces not only keeps my bank account happy, but me as well, I don’t feel like I’m settling for “old clothes” rather, I’m revamping what I already own. I’ve formulated a list of things that help update any outfit. First and foremost accessorizing is key. You can turn any boring and drab outfit to fabulously styled, with just a few added touches! Here are some examples:

-Layering necklaces is a huge look right now and adds so much detail to a look. Take a simple outfit and add tones of gold or silver and layer em on baby!

-Go for a bold earring, as I’m sure you've seen brightly colored earrings lately this trend brightens any outfit and a fun pop of color!

-A patterned bootie, whether that be snakeskin, cheetah, velvet, silk etc this adds texture to a simple look, bringing it up a couple of notches!

-Hats are your friend, whether its a bad hair day or for accessorizing this is a look you can't go wrong with!

-Accent belts can change the look of any outfit, for example a cheetah or brown snakeskin belt can really add pattern to an outfit that might lack it! Tip: I love adding my cheetah belt to an all black outfit or an outfit with my blue boyfriend jeans and a black blouse.

-Scarves are whats happening and as it gets colder, we will definitely be seeing more of them, whether its in your hair, around your neck, or on your bag you can’t go wrong with adding a little zest to your look!

-Changing up hairstyles as random as this may seem, helps me feel like I’m re-inventing an outfit. Whether it’s curled, straight, high pony, low pony, half up, beach waves go for it!

-Shoes! Sometimes I will completely change a look by changing the shoes, some outfits can go sporty by switching to a sneaker and on other days you can dress it up by wearing a healed boot. The shoe change really makes the difference!

-Lastly, tops or bodysuits whichever you prefer are not only cheap but are quicker and more affordable to buy than a pair of jeans. I don’t often find myself running to the mall to buy a pair of jeans real quick, but mainly a cute top for under $20! If I’m going somewhere and want to wear something new I like to spice it up by grabbing a cheap top or bodysuit that I can dress up or down depending on the occasion!

I write this list with the notion that you shouldn't go out and buy all these items tomorrow, start small. Like I mentioned I am constantly re-wearing clothes it’s just about changing it up slightly each time. And if you’ve read this long, give yourself some kudos because you are dedicated to looking fabulous and that deserves praise!

Happy shopping,


Here are some examples of me rocking my cheetah belt, boyfriend jeans, or cheetah shoes, a hat, bold earrings and the layering of necklaces! As well as my staple leather jacket and tan duster


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