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Polka Dot Lovin!

As seen on my Live Romwe Haul on Instagram, this white and black dotted suit is everything and more! This bathing suit is mind blowing simply for the fact that it costs $10.99, if that isn't enough to have you sold the quality is superb. I consider the quality of this suit to be at a way higher price point, hopefully Romwe doesn't get a whiff of that and raise their prices because I’m enjoying the low cost but high quality life baby. Regardless, you need to go to Romwe to get bathing suits, end of subject. I got smalls however I was very skeptical because I have a smaller chest and am curvier down bellow ;) and their measurements were kind of all over the place. So I took a chance and basically hit the nail on the head and they all fit perfect, lucky me because if you shop on line which lets face it who doesn’t, that is a rare occasion!



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Swim Set


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