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A Must Have Bikini!

You know how they say tall, dark and handsome? Well this suit is a variation of that but sexy, red and show-stopping if you catch my drift. I’m honestly in disbelieve that I bought this for $8.99, need I say that again because I’m still shocked and I’m sure you are too. Move over Forver21 because Romwe is kind of stealing my heart, and money. Just kidding, I love Forever21 but all jokes aside I go back to the quality of these suits. It’s not just “oh for $8.99 thats the quality I expected” no, it’s “I'm surprised this does not have a higher price point because it’s such nice quality and it sits on my body so well” Well regardless of whatever magic Romwe is brewing up, this suit and the other two from Romwe prove again why you don’t need to spend $100 on a top and $100 on a bottom for a swimsuit that will not last long.



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Swim Set


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