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My Favorite Dry Shampoo

Do you struggle with greasy hair and hate washing your hair multiple times a week to combat this struggle? Well look no further because Batiste will help you avoid washing your hair more than needed, make your hair look and smell amazing and it’s cost effective, need I say more?

This dry shampoo has 4.5 stars on google for a good reason, not only does it diffuse the look of greasiness but it leaves your hair looking even fresher the next day should you sleep on it. I have never had a dry shampoo leave my hair looking better the next day, usually the dry shampoo lasts for a few hours and its back to its typical greasy agenda, but with Batiste it literally transforms your hair into a fresher version overnight!

This dry shampoo comes in speciality scents and colors for your hair as well, I’ve used the blonde product and love it just as much as the regularly scented one. I would recommend getting either the scented or the color product because this is a product I swear by and works regardless of scent or color output. I also am obsessed with this product not only for how it revives my hair but also its low price point, for only $5.99 this product keeps me coming back every-time.

I get Batiste from my closest Target, I will provide the link down below to buy online!

I use this product with how the directions advise you to, I spray not too close too my hair line about a foot away in sections and rub it in then flip after. I have found that Batiste also texturizes your hair adding volume which I love, plus it gets rid of that not so fresh hair smell and leaves it smelling nice and fresh (insert heart eyes).

Enjoy grease free hair from here on out with Batiste!



I have no affiliate with this link nor am I being paid to write this review, this is my honest opinion.

Dry Shampoo

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